Why Should You Grow An Avocado in a Container?

Why Should You Grow An Avocado Tree in a Container

There are many reasons why you may be better off growing an Avocado in a container.

In this post I will explain why.

It may just be the answer for many, who have not had much success growing this tasty healthy fruit at home.

Dwarf Avocado Tree’s May be the Answer.

The Dwarf Avocado tree isn’t a bred cultivar, but they they just may come up with one!

All Dwarf Avocado’s are grown for small space gardens and container gardening.

These trees dwarf tree are grafted onto rootstock.  The Rootstock is the seedling and above the graft, is the older mature part of the tree.

This rootstock was designed to only grow a small root mass, this way the container will not become root bound.

When Should We Move Our Avocado Tree into a Larger Container?

When a tree becomes root bound in a pot, the roots start to circle around the inside of the container.

Fuerte Avocado tree for saleThis is when we need to place our fruit tree into a larger container

Some horticulturist and expert gardeners had success growing trees in large cloth bags.

This way the roots are air pruned and do not seem to wrap around inside the container.

As, I have never trialed this, I cannot provide a truthful answer.

So, for now, we will discuss large plastic containers with reservoirs and clay pots.

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Which Container or Pot For My Avocado Tree?

Balcony Avocado Trees Growing in Containers at Marty's GardenToday there are so many variations of garden containers for trees and small plants.

So, which one day we choose.

My preferred container is a self watering container, as I do not like my pots to dry out.

A container that has had soil dry out can create all types of problems.

Why take this risk, you may just forget to water one day, or want to go on a short holiday!

The general rule for starting off a Dwarf Avocado Tree in a container is like growing a lemon tree in a pot.

Depending on the area where you live and species it’s best to discuss container size at the local plant nursery, but for general rule of thumb,,start them off in about a 4 liter container then move them up in size as they grow.

Clay ceramic pots look great but, they do dry out out much quicker and have less drainage holes.  If you decide to grow in a clay pot make sure it’s watered more often.

You may also want to ask where you purchase clay container if it has been sealed inside, so it does not dry out as quick.

Avocado Pot Tips & Tricks

  1. Avocados like full sun, so place them in a sunny position away from strong winds and cool breezes.
  2. Containers must drain well, or have a water tank below.
  3. Water Potted Avocado trees 2 to 3 times a week and every day in hot weather.
  4. Apply a citrus or Tomato fertilizer once in early spring and again in early Autumn. Also, water with a liquid seaweed fertilizer once a fortnight.
  5. Keep the top of the container mulched.

Starting Your Avocado Seed from Seeds Video by Willem Van Cotthem


My good friend Willem Van Cotthem supplide this video help us all learn how to grow an Avocado tree from seed in a container.

I hope you got a lot of information from the full series on Growing Avocados at Home, yes it’s your blueprint now to growing these babies at home.


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Happy Gardening

Marty Ware (Australian Agricultural Horticulturist)

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Why Should You Grow An Avocado Tree in a Container
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