Why Does My Lettuce Taste Bitter When Grown in Containers?

Why Does My Lettuce Taste Bitter When Grown in Containers

The reason why Lettuce tastes bitter, is because, it has been grown too slow and not enough water. It also is a leafy plant, so it needs a lot of nitrogen.

Home grown lettuce is easy to grow, but there are a few extra tips to growing the perfect lettuce.

The art to growing lettuce is for it to grow as fast as possible. It also needs to be moist and never dry out.

Most lettuce you buy in the supermarket these days is grown in a hydroponic medium indoors.

They harvest a lettuce in under twenty one days!

Hydroponics provides the perfect medium for growing lettuce super fast. The reason is, because it provides water and nutrients faster than any other medium.

How to Grow Lettuce that is not bitter in containers

If I was to choose a Hydroponic system I would use a deep culture kit, because from what I have seen from other growers these perform the best.  They are also easy to manage.

Still, if you are like me and want to grow more nutritious food, their is an answer.



Grow Your fresh Nutrient Dense Lettuce Fast in Containers

First you need to start off with a premium grade organic container mix. Check on the label for certified organic if that’s your fancy!

You will also want to buy Lettuce already sown if you want a fast harvest.

If not sprout from seed, it’s the cheapest option by far!

In hot climates the best time of year to grow Lettuce is in the Spring, early Summer and Autumn.

The rest of the year it’s just too hot.

If you do live in a hot climate and still want to grow lettuce read this post http://www.tropicalpermaculture.com/growing-lettuce.html (just remember to return, or bookmark/Pinterest for future reference)

The reason why Lettuce tastes bitter, is because it has been grown too slow and not enough water. It also is a leafy plant, so it needs a lot of nitrogen.

Nitrogen produces a lot of leaf growth fast.

There are many different forms of nitrogen, but some can be too strong and burn young plant roots.

Chicken manure or pellets are one of these nitrogenous fertilizers that burn roots when applied too thick.

My all time favourite fertilizer for growing Lettuce in containers and in the ground is worm tea.

This tea comes from the worm farm flow through system.

How to Get Started Worm Farming Blueprint Click Here Now

Watch my video below to see how the Worm Tea Flow Through System works

I hope you enjoyed the video above, it creates almost free liquid fertilizer on demand.

My second favorite is a blend of fish and seaweed emulsion. This has a broad spectrum blend of nutrients and Lettuce loMaxi Crop Liquid Seaweed Fertilizerves it.

Maxicrop would be my brand of choice and many other gardeners would agree!

Grow in a quality premium potting mix.

Grow in a medium size container that will not dry out too quickly.

Liquid fertilize 2 to 3 times a week.

Keep your container mix damp and not dry.

Never let the container dry out.

Place a dish of water or use a water reserve style pot under your plant

Keep away from direct harsh sunlight

Grow in the cooler seasons such as Spring, Early Summer & Autumn

Grow a variety of Lettuce and see which performs the best in your climate

Try and grow Baby Lettuce for a quick crop.

History of the Lettuce Plant

Lettuce is the part of the Lettuce (Lactuca sativa) is an annual plant of the daisy family Asteraceae. It is most often grown as a leaf vegetable, but sometimes for its stem and seeds.

Lettuce was first cultivated by the Egyptians who discovered that it was a useful weed. They were the first to eat the leaves and turn the seeds into oil.

Read more at Wikipedia about Lettuce

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Thank you for reading my post.  You now know how to grow lettuce real fast at home in a variety of ways.

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Marty Ware (Australian Agricultural Horticulturist)

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Why Does My Lettuce Taste Bitter When Grown in Containers
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