What You Can Do with Squash Leaves and Stems?

What You Can Do with Squash Leaves and Stems

Ever wondered if can you eat squash leaves?  I found  9 different ways to make use of squash leaves and stems, as well as some tips for prepping and using them. So if you have pumpkins, zucchini or other squash spreading in your back yard, or you see a bunch of them at your farmers market, go buck wild with these ideas!


Waste Not, Want Not: Stop Throwing Away Your Food!

www.wisebread.com – Oct 29, 2010 –

I asked the gentleman who was bagging up my purchase about thesquash stems and leaves. Having recently had a terrible experience with  … Read more

Can You Eat Pumpkin Leaves?
A baby pumpkin growing on the vine with blossom still attached.www.elperfecto.com – Jun 23, 2010

So many different parts to eat: the fruit – the pumpkin or squash, the …..I remember my maid in India use to roast the leaves and stems and then  … Read more

Did You Know You Can Eat Pumpkin Leaves?

www.thekitchn.com – Sep 2, 2014
Use your thumbnail to split half or a third of the stem and snap it backward so that … I’m guessing all the other squash leaves would be as well. Read more

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What You Can Do with Squash Leaves and Stems
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