Vegetable Courtyard Container Garden

Vegetable Courtyard Container Garden

It just goes to show that you can really grow a productive vegetable garden in containers, even in a courtyard.
One thing about this garden is that the pots are placed in sawdust and wood-chip.
I really like this idea because I believe it would keep pests away such as snails and slugs, they really hate it as it sticks to their skin.
The saw dust would also retain moisture for any roots that are coming from the bottom of the pots.

As saw dust as it brakes down it could also be recycled back into the potting mixture and even used to feed a worm farm.
Using broken down saw dust makes great food for hungry compost worms.

Also this type of organic medium warms up and in cooler climates, this is great because warm roots means healthier productive plants.

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Happy Gardening

Marty Ware

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Vegetable Courtyard Container Garden
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