Types Of Spinach That Look Different But Taste the Same

Types Of Spinach That Look Different But Taste the SameTypes Of Spinach That Look Different But Taste the Same slides

There are three types of spinach (Spinacia oleracea), and they all pretty much taste the same. The big difference in them is the way that they look.

Savoy spinach has dark green crinkled leaves, grows “flatter” compared to other spinach, tends to be more cold-hardy, and becomes sweeter and crisper after a frost.

Flat-leaf (also called Smooth-leaf) spinach grows more upright, and because the leaves are flat, they are easier to wash.

Semi-savoy is a hybrid between Flat-leaf and Savoy spinach, with leaves that aren’t as crinkled as Savoy yet not as smooth as the Flat-leaf varieties.

A lot of times you’ll find Semi-savoy spinach classified as one of the other types, depending on what it looks like.

There is a vine (Basella alba) called Malabar or New Zealand spinach, but this is not related to the spinach plant, although its leaves look and taste similar. Its claim to fame is that it grows in hot weather, which true spinach won’t do. source: edible-landscape-design.com

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Types Of Spinach That Look Different But Taste the Same
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