Tansy Herb Benefits and Companion Planting

Tansy Herb Benefits and Companion Planting

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Yes, I remember well when I grew my first bunch of Tansy under the clothesline instead of grass, I love the aroma it provided when I went to hang out the washing.

But, I also had a secret plan, you see there were lots of Ants nesting there and were using that as a direct root to my vegetable garden and fruit trees.  Tansy, really does keep ants away,,they just hate it.

Actually many insects do!

Which Insects Dislike the Herb Tansy?

  • Ants
  • Butterflies
  • Moths
  • Fleas
  • Mosquito’s

And these are just the ones I know about, I am sure there others.

One thing you must keep in mind though, is that it’s really only best to plant Tansy in zones,,if you like Butterflies, then keep the Tansy planted in another area all together.

Plant Tansy For Fruit Tree Protection

As you read above Ants stay real clear of Tansy, they also farm aphids and scale on fruit trees, so keeping a nice planting of Tansy below will help solve this issue.

Also, many fruit tree borers dislike the herb, so for this reason alone it makes it a very worthwhile herb to plant in your orchard or urban backyard where you have a few fruit trees.

If you grow Fruit trees in containers then I would also look at planting Tansy at at the base in the pots.

This Herb Will Self Sow!

I find that if you have decent patch of this aromatic herb growing around your garden, it will self sow quite easily.   If it self sows in a position where you don’t want it, just dig it up and place it in a pot, or replant it in another zone where you want to put the Tansy hard at work!

Tansy and Other Benefits

If your dog has fleas place some Tansy leaves in the kennel or it’s bed,,and watch them run.

This herb also makes a wonderful green dye and if your a homesteader you can really find this useful in many ways, who know maybe even extracting the essential oil into a tincture would be a great idea.

Used in some sprays as an insecticide!

How to Grow Tansy?

This just may be one of the easiest herbs to grow, but it does have certain requirements to perform well.

  • Grows in semi shade or full sun
  • Sow early in spring or all year in mild climates
  • Sow seed 6 inches apart (15cm)
  • Keep soil moist not dry and water well during dry times
  • Fertilize the same as most herbs, to keep them healthy, shiny and healthy

Companion Plants For Tansy

Tansy has the ability to concentrate Potassium in the soil, so many plants nearby will reap it’s benefits.

Plants that enjoy being in the presence of Tansy are Roses, grapevines and Raspberries!

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Marty Ware
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Tansy Herb Benefits and Companion Planting
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