Save Money with Free Plant Containers


Save Money with Free Plant ContainersYou know what they say…

One mans trash is another man’s treasure. –


Today I wanted to share with you all how I was able to get FREE containers for starting seeds indoors.  Last year I wanted a free container for planting my seedlings, so I tried the egg carton method. It worked okay, but I had a hard time getting them out of the containers, and when I watered them it was kind of a messy ordeal.  I also purchased a seed starter kit from Walmart last year for around $5.00 and that worked fine. However this year I wanted something that I didn’t have to pay for, but was strong enough to hold my plants.

So I went on down to Lowes to check out what they had available for containers & seeds. While I was wandering around the store I noticed this cart full of empty planters and pots.

How To Get FREE Containers for Starting Plants Indoors -

They were in the gardening section and they were full of plastic containers they were going to recycle. So I asked an associate if I could have a few of these empty plastic containers for myself and she said “Sure!”  She said quite a few people ask her for them and that they are happy to give them away to people that are going to use them.

I was so excited – FREE CONTAINERS!!! Wooo hooo! The ones I found were sturdy and deeper than the ones I would have paid money for at the stores. Plus I was able to find some long flat plastic ones to place underneath the potting ones them so that they won’t drip all over my counters when I water them.

How To Get FREE Containers for Starting Plants Indoors -

Look how perfect they are!

I found the Lowes cart full of recycling containers up by the front of the gardening department, but look around if you don’t see it right away. And make sure and ask someone first, so it doesn’t look like you are stealing. But from the way it sounds, people get these free all the time. Why oh why didn’t I know about this??? :)

When I got home I added potting soil to these free containers and added my seeds. Then watered and placed in a sunny window.

Here is how they are looking now – a few sections are just now starting to grow even after 10 days.

planting seeds indoors gardening

The ones I am doing by seed indoors this year are 3 giant pumpkins, one tomato plant, lots of marigolds, 6 celery and 8 basil. Many of the other seeds I have planted directly into my garden, which by the way is starting to green up nicely!

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 Have you been able to get free containers at Lowes or Home Depot before too? Any other places to get free containers you know of?



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Save Money with Free Plant Containers
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