Garden Shed Shadehouse made from Recycled Pallets (
Again I see another way to use recycled pallets.  Who comes up with these ideas?  Anyway, if your handy maybe you will want to knock together a greenhouse, shadehouse or shed with pallets.
If you have a supply of pallets then get to it and post the images up here once your done!
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    Marty Ware I am totally amazed at how many people have shared this image. It truly is wonderful to see that the world cares about recycling, sustainability and being active to share such a great idea. This is my "HUGE THANKS" to everyone who has shared,liked,pinned,tweeted and g+ this image so far. Love you all.
    Marty Ware
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    Marty Ware Thanks for the like Maria, much appreciated!
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    Marty Ware Nothing ceases to amaze me now. Maybe someone will make a house from Pallets one day? I don't think the council would allow it in my country Australia though!