Planting Your Avocado Tree in Your Backyard.

Planting Your Avocado Tree in Your BackyardWhen planting your Avocado tree in your backyard you have to consider all the elements.

These are:

Position:  Where are you going to plant your tree.

Aspect:  Do you plant your tree as a feature in the garden.

Sunlight:  Light is vital for fruit to set, so the tree doesn’t grow long and lanky reaching for the light.

Soil:  What type of soil do you have.

Age:  How old is the tree and how much space will it finally take up.

When to Plant: Knowing when to plant your tree is vital for it’s future success

The Best Position For Your Avocado Tree

Fuerte Avocado tree for saleThe best spot to grow your Avocado tree is on the verge if your allowed to, among local native trees.

This helps protect the tree from strong winds and also creates an artificial environment.  I like this style of planting as it simulates closes to nature.

This helps control pests, birds and insects will gather and create a natural order.  This way you will not have to spray at all.

Just harvest your fruits when in season.

Never plant your tree where there will be cold draught or frost.

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So, consider keeping it in area where it receives full sun, at least two thirds of the day.

Should I consider Aspect When Planting My Fruit Trees?

As with any fruit tree in a small space garden aspect is vital.  The Avocado tree is a beautiful species and from a window or at the end of a winding path can make a great feature.

How Much Sunlight Does My Avocado Tree Need to Survive?

The tree will grow with little light, but it may never fruit at all.  The side of the tree that receives the most light will always have the most fruit.

You can get a way with half a day of sunlight to still get fruit, but the more sun it receives the better it will perform.

If planting in a pot, you may want to consider placing it on wheels so you can follow the sun through the season.  It’s also easier to move when required.

What is the Best Soil Type to Grow Avocado’s in?

The best soil for this tree in is a deep loam that is free draining and not compacted.  Sand is also good, but needs extra attention, so it does not dry out.

It’s always best to grow your tree in a mound of compost as the Avocado tree has many surface feeder roots.  This is where it gathers most of it’s nutrition.

Clay soils should be avoided at all costs.  You may need to consider growing a dwarf specimen in a container.

Or, you could build a big planter box and plant a dwarf tree, this style of planting works well and looks wonderful as feature.

How Old Should My Avocado Tree Be Before Planting?

If you have started your Avocado Tree from seed in container then it’s best to let it grow for 1 to 2 years before planting.

I like to plant my trees in the ground when they have a strong stem and a solid root mass.

However, if you purchased an Avocado tree from a Nursery or farm and it’s already over 1 year old, then it’s possibly ready to go into the ground.

Check around the base of the container, if you can see roots, then it’s ready to be planted in the ground or a larger container.

What Time of Year Should I Plant My Avocado Tree?

It’s best to plant your Avocado tree in spring when the soil has warmed up.  This really depends on the region you live in.  Ask your local nurseryman where you purchased your tree from.

They will be able to provide you with a solid answer to that question.

Never plant any fruit trees into cold soil, as this will stunt them and possibly even kill them off.

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Author:  Marty Ware (Australian Agricultural Horticulturist)



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Planting Your Avocado Tree in Your Backyard
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