Plant Care for Your Backyard Avocado tree

Plant Care for Your Backyard Avocado treeWelcome to the next part our series “Plant Care for Your Avocado tree.

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Like all fruit trees the Avocado can be propagated from seed, but the seedling may not come true to type.

This means, the same as the parent tree that it came from.

They also may take up to 7 years to bear fruit, and in the worse case, may not fruit at all.

Your best bet is to buy a named cultivar grafted onto certified disease free understock.

The understock is the bottom graft of the tree, and is the seedling!

This understock grows a larger root mass than other varieties and is chosen for this reason.

When To Plant Your Avocado tree?

The Avocado tree can be planted year round in warm frost free areas, or spring to to early summer in cooler climates.

Photo below:  The Author’s “Marty Ware) Container Avocado tree just about to bloom

Karin and more 089When planting make sure you prepare the soil with plenty of organic matter.

Water in deep so you remove any chance of air pockets in the soil.

Apply 5cm (2inches) of organic mulch.  Make sure the mulch is light and fluffy.

Compacted mulch will not allow water to flow through and oxygen will not be available to the roots.

When do I Fertilize My Avocado Tree?

The best practice for fertilization of your Avocado tree is during the growing season.

I like to fertilize Spring and Autumn with with a complete organic fertilizer in Spring.

Autumn I fertilize with Potash and Organic chicken manure pellets. This has proven to provide me with the best results so far.

Keep in mind that young trees are sensitive to frost, but once established perform well.

During times of frost it’s important that you have the rootzone covered with mulch.

This will stop the surface feeder roots from freezing up.

How High Should I Prune My Avocado tree?

Keep tree pruned to approximately 2 to 3 meters tall (6 to 9ft)

This way you are able to manage the tree for pests, reach the fruit when harvesting and never need any machinery.

Machinery around you Avocado tree will compact the soil around tree.

Marty and Karin from the Martys Garden ShowThis in time will upset the trees health, slow up oxygen and disturb microbes in the soil.

Remember to remove diseased branches by pruning away from the trunk of the tree.

Come out at least 5cm (2inches) away from the trunk of the tree.

This will help the tree to heal over naturally.

This also stops disease and rot from entering the tree trunk.

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Plant Care for Your Backyard Avocado tree
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