Mix Your Garden Plants in One Barrel Veggies and Flowers Unite

Barrel container vegetable gardening on a budget

If you are limited for space or just like to get artistic maybe you would like to mix all your veggies and flowers together in a mixed planting?
It may be a better idea than you first thought.
You see, in nature you never see a bunch of flowers in a perfect row do you? The same goes for wild foods.
When plants are combined and mixed they have better pest protection, and in the gardening world we call this Companion planting.
Pests like to follow scents and colours, this way they can hone in and find the food they desire. But in a mixed planting it’s nearly impossible for them to get their bearings.

To find out more about companion planting go and check out this Pinterest Board Based on Companion Planting, it will help, guide you and most of all, show you how to keep those nasty pests away without the use of dangerous pesticides.

Photo Source: http://desuhomes.com/unusual-container-gardening-ideas.html/container-gardening-ideas-budget

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Barrel container vegetable gardening on a budget
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