Kids Recycled Pallet Cubby House

Kids Recycled Pallet Cubby House (
This blog will help you to know much about pallet playhouse. After acquiring the required pallets you can start working on your project. The base of the playpallet-playhouse-1.jpg To make it more attractive and beautiful you can paint it in any color of your choice since it is for kids so you can go for multicolor. You can use some stylish fabric across the pallet playhouse to give it a simple yet a trendy look.
 cubby-house.jpg Pallet Cubby House | – Recycling, Upcycling Thu, 19 Sep 2013 08:37:30 GMT I thought I would put up one of my own projects on here to hopefully inspire ideas on reusing pallets. This is a cubby house that I am building for my children which I have been working on and off for over the past year. All of the timber used is … Read more …


 FW06ELAG9NHGNH6.LARGE.jpg  Pallet House to Save the World… or a garden shed. – Instructables Thu, 27 May 2010 13:46:37 GMT More pallets. Considerations for finishing the structure: * Door. We used a refridgerator door from the dump (free). * Hinges. * Windows. * Sheathing Again, "Pallet Playhouse" has some interesting ideas about this. Tools required are: Hammer Handsaw  Ooooh, I can see having one for a garden shed, and one for a compost heap, and one for the kids toys, and one for a fort, and one for a Creche, and one for a studio, and, and Then when the yard is full, where will anyone play. LOL. Read more … 


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