Important Tips in Growing Tomato Plants

Important Tips in Growing Tomato Plants

Whether you’re new to gardening or an old pro looking for secrets, learn to make the most of your veggie plot with these tomato growing tips.

In terms of popularity, it’s no contest: Tomatoes are the rock stars of veggies. More than 35 million gardeners plant tomatoes each year! Even if you’re new to gardening, it’s easy to make your backyard the neighborhood Tomatoville with our top tomato growing tips!

  1. Start with seeds.
  2. Seek the heat.
  3. Show your support.
  4. Know your dirt.
  5. Quench their thirst.
  6. Mulch ’em.
  7. Don’t get suckered.
  8. Focus your energy.
  9. Cool it.
  10. Plant plenty.

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Important Tips in Growing Tomato Plants
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