How to Grow Papaya Health Benefits and Origins of this Amazing Tree

How to Grow Papaya Origins and Health Benefits

Do you know how to Grow Papaya and why you should have this amazing tree as a part of your garden?  The reasons are many, within this post and its parts you will discover the facts.

These facts will not only help you want to grow Papaya, but at least guide you into consider adding it to your diet.

The Papaya is rich in history easy to grow, in favorable conditions.  So please enjoy the article and remember to share it with others, who you believe will enjoy it also.

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Author: Australian Agricultural Horticulturist Marty Ware

I have been growing Papaya and Avocado’s in containers for close to a decade now.

Also, I have moved house many times. So, it makes it difficult to transport each new tree to it’s new home.

So, each time I made a conscious decision to leave a few behind in legacy for other future tenants to come, and turn the remaining into profit.

I am lucky, as I live right on the border where the sub tropics meet temperate.

Not too far away from where I live they grow peaches in the valley. Up high on the hillside they grow banana’s, Mangoes, Avocados and the nut, Macadamia!

I find that the tasty Red Papaya grows well, and outperforms other plants around it, in dry times too!

My guess is that it stores a lot of water in the trunk.

The Origins of Papaya (Paw Paw)

Papaya comes from the tropics of Mexico, which like most tropical areas, has a dry and wet season.

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How to Grow Papaya Like The Pro’s

TIP:  You need a male and female tree for fertilization. View section 2 to find out more.

Like other fruit trees this performs well when grown from seed and not grafted.

In it’s perfect environment a Papaya tree can produce fruit in 9 months, but I usually find it produces in its second year.

Now, there aren’t many fruit trees that do that!

The Amazing Health Benefits of Papaya Info Graphic

Health Benefits of Papaya

You can also eat the green flesh, which is healthy and consumed in huge amounts in south East Asia.

Actually many of the women eat this green Papaya salad throughout Asia.

It’s known to contain no carbohydrates and little sugars, as it’s picked before ripening. In this stage the fruit is still green and picked just before it ripens

This makes it perfect for weight loss.

Papaya has amazing health benefits.

The fruit contains Papain, which is an enzyme that helps the stomach digest protein.

The Papain enzyme is also used in supplements.

It’s dried into tablets to help with stomach cramps and disorders.

Also, the leaf of the plant is useful against the dreaded Dengue Fever during the fever stage.

I actually discovered this in my early twenties.

My girlfriend’s mother gave it to me, when I had an upset stomach.

Within 15 minutes I felt great after eating the dried Papaya tablet, what a discovery.
Do you want to know more about the health benefits of eating Papaya?

Click the link available here

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Mountain Papaya Grows Well in Cooler Climates

Mountain Papaya Tree(Vasconcellea pubescens). If you live in a cooler region you may want to look at growing Mountain Papaya.

(Vasconcellea pubescens). Papaya grown in south America and sub-tropical regions of north America, performs well in warm temperate zones.

Where it is not exposed to cool winds and frost.

For temperate zones it is best suited to a protected zone, in the yard or farm that receives full sun most of the day!

This works especially well when you create you own micro-climate

A micro climate faces toward the winter sun and is protected by a wall or preferably natives trees or bushes.

The wall may be reflective flat white to help the plant believe it’s in it’s true environment. This helps the tree to produce a higher yield and makes it feel more at home.

For more information visit Wikipedia about the Mountain Pawpaw

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How to Grow Papaya Origins and Health Benefits
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