How to Build a Vertical Pallet Garden

How to Build a Vertical Pallet Garden (
I found this video How to Build a Vertical Pallet Garden while doing some research online for container gardening and sustainable living and new instantly that this is a real winner.
We see tons of images around for this, but hardly ever do we see a how to like this.

If you have an old pallet laying around the yard? Here’s a keen way to get good use out of it’s framework. Two hours and you have a beautiful decorative garden that is edible too! WARNING: How to find and use the proper ‘heat-treated’ wood pallet; do not use ‘chemically’ treated wood pallets for indoor furniture, children’s rooms, composting or for food growing; herbs, strawberries, etc… Use only ‘untreated’ or ‘heat’ treated pallets. First, Methyl Bromide (insecticide on wood shipping crates) was phased out as a fumitory chemical in 1995, but some of these pallets may still be around, so look for the symbol on crates. Most pallets in the USA have been heat-treated for foreign pests, the symbol is “IPPC“ and are safe. Pallets used in foreign countries may still contain insecticides. Check your own countries codes for pallet uses. Thanks, and as always, be a safe gardener. Enjoy the video — Chef Janie John from shares with you how you can build your own vertical pallet garden using an old shipping pallet. In this episode John goes on a field trip to Orange County Farm supply to share with you their hanging vertical garden made from an old shipping pallet. In addition, John shares with you how to deal with pests in your garden organically without the use of man made chemical poisons. In addition you will learn the most important aspect of a vegetable garden the soil and the best nutrients to add to supercharge your plant growth to grow bigger and tastier fruits and vegetables. Building a Vertical Pallet Garden Last week we saw David Walrod transform a block wall with pallets for a very special Urban Dirt fan. This week David breaks down how to build a pallet garden as well as mount it on a block wall. He’ll walk you through locating the perfect pallet then break down the building of the pallet from start to finish. *** Linkage (Mentioned by David Walrod) *** *** Season 1 BackYard Makeover Playlist *** *** Season 2 Playlist *** *** Holiday Videos PlayList *** *** Visit Us *** Facebook: Twitter: Google+: *** About Urban Dirt *** Urban Dirt hosted by landscape designer, David Walrod, has began its second season! This season we will continue to explore the world of urban gardening in search of inspiration, education, and resources to incorporate green space into our everyday lives. David, along with his sought after garden and landscape experts, will guide us along sharing tips and tricks that will ensure garden success and enjoyment! *** New Episodes Every Thursday! *** *** Credits *** Starring: David Walrod Director of Photography/Post-Production: Jose Bazan Created & Produced by David Walrod & Jeremy Romero Music by: FVG how to create a vertical herb pallet garden For more information visit Vertical gardens by Wallgarden. The householder can now have a vertical garden and get that lush green wall effect. This DIY friendly grow wall makes it easy to install and being modular, repotting is simple. Wallgarden is the lowest cost vertical garden system on the market and the patented irrigation system ensures your plants grow naturally better and thrive! This video shows how to create a vertical garden using wooden pallets and other recycled materials. The Pallet Garden is great for small urban spaces and even as part of a fence. Excellent for herbs, flowers and fruiting plants such as strawberries. *** Subscribe *** *** Follow us on Twitter *** I am a bit behind schedule so here is a demo of the airlift pump in the greenhouse. (It was working for about 20 minutes before I started the camera). This is a battery powered noisy emergency bubble pump. When the whole system is set up, one or 2 normal bubble pumps on a timer will power the greenhouse pallet gardens and pallet gardens outside too. Laura Morey, your Simple Solutions Diva, puts a popular Pinterest pin to the test! Turning wooden pallets into vertical gardens is popular on Pinterest, but is it easy to do? Find out! For more simple ideas, visit Anderson’s Tree Care has been serving the San Jose area for 16 years. We offer expert service in all aspects of residential and commercial tree surgery. Including: Pruning Shaping Removals Cabling & Bracing Planting Fertilization Diagnosis Root Pruning Stump Removal Tree Inventories & Evaluation / Management Plans Arborist Reports Air Spade Bucket Truck Original Source:

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