DIY Recycled Bottle Garden Ideas

DIY Recycled Bottle Garden Ideas

Are you looking for DIY ideas for your recycled bottle garden to make them look more attractive?

Vertical Recycled Bottle Design

DIY Recycled Bottle Garden Ideas2

We, have the answer, and I am sure you could quite easily copy these concepts for your place and turn a few heads.

Lehra Imelda for Marty’s Garden Philippines is a very creative women and all these designs are her very own.

Recycled Vertical Bottle Garden with Home Made Flowers

Please feel free to copy them and use them as your own.  You could even share them over at her fanpage, I am sure she would love that!

Tomatoes in Recycled Garden Pots with flower design

Upside Down Recycled Bottle Garden Designs

Recycled Vertical bottle design

Martys Garden Philippines Project

As you can see Lehra “Imelda” sure has been hard at it making her vegetable bottle gardens, as attractive, as possible.

Please share this post and images to inspire others, so they can beautify their recycled container gardens too.  I am sure there would be plenty of people in Pinterest, Facebook and Google plus, who would love tho see these creative ideas.

Happy Gardening

Marty Ware

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DIY Recycled Bottle Garden Ideas2
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