Delicious Strawberries How to Grow From Seed in Containers



1. Freeze it! After buying the strawberry seeds, place them in the freezer for 2 weeks. This will improve the percentage of seeds that will germinate, when you plant them. Freezing stimulates the natural process of the seed going through the winter months and will help jump start the strawberry seeds when you plant them.

2. Prepare your seed tray. The soil should be ½ an inch deep. A mixture of ¾ peat moss and ¼ organic rich soil is just right to start the strawberries.

3. Sprinkle the seeds over the damp soil mixture and add a light dusting of peat moss over the top. The meat moss should completely cover the strawberry seeds, but not too thick.

4. Keep the seeds moist and in direct sunlight. The strawberry seeds can take 2-3 weeks to germinate. Once the strawberry plants have sprouted,wait for the 3rd true leaves to transplant into bigger containers.

5. When the 3rd leaves have appeared, you will want to transplant the strawberry plants into larger pots. If weather permits, the plants can be planted right outside. Continue to care for the plants, keeping it well drained and moist and providing slightly alkaline soil.

6. If strawberry flowers appear in its first year, pick all flowers off the plant. This will insure the plant is established well, before producing fruit. After the strawberry plant has gone through its first winter, it will be ready to produce fruit the next summer.Resource link:

How Long Does It Take to Grow Strawberries From Seeds?

It takes longer to grow strawberries from seeds than from established plants. In general, it takes about six weeks from the time of propagation for seeds to sprout new plants. After plants sprout, it takes about three more weeks for buds to form. It can take up to four weeks for the buds to turn into fruit and another week or so before berries are ready for harvest. readmore:

Cut the strawberry in half to access seeds, if the Strawberry is really ripe squash the piece of fruit on a paper towel, then let it dry out and collect the seeds.

TIP 1:  You can plant the whole Strawberry to halfway into the ground as the fruit flesh will provide moisture and sustanance for the seed after germination just how nature intended!

TIP 2: Drying Seeds On The Fruit
If your climate allows, you can air dry the fruit, with the seeds intact, by setting the fruit on a tray in the sun for several days. The heat of the sun will dry the fruit, and you can then rub the seeds onto a plate or into a marked envelope to store. You can also use a low heat food dehydrator to dry strawberries, then remove the seeds.

Planting Ripe Fruit
Another way to plant a new crop of strawberries is to plant small over-ripe strawberries, or slices of strawberries. That is the simplest way to grow strawberries from previous harvests, but there is a drawback. That would be having to save the fruit whole to plant when it is time, to prevent rotting. With any method, choosing heirloom or first generation (“F1”) hybrid seeds will produce new harvests from saved seeds.

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