Balcony Gardening With Strawbales Here’s How


Balcony Gardening With Strawbales Here's HowStraw bale gardening is an ideal method of gardening to use if you are limited for space, your soil is to rocky or if there is poor drainage where you want to garden. It is a unique method of organic gardening.

How to Condition the Straw Bale

This can be a 12-day to 3-week process, depending on your predisposition for thoroughness and the particulars of your climate. Conditioning the bale requires soaking it daily and applying the nitrogen fix of your choice intermittently. Bone meal, fishmeal or compost will do the trick. By soaking it day after day and applying the nitrogen fix, the bale begins to decompose, which makes for great growing.

This conditioning is what enables the straw bale to retain its shape. Since the bale will be hanging, keep it soaked. Also, as you can see on Une Récolte en Ville, using netting or thicker twine around the bale looks great, enables you to secure your bale to your railing, and aides in the containment of the straw.

How to Plant the Bale

When you are ready to plant, take a sharp trowel and separate the straw. Place your plant down to the first leaf and let the straw fill in around it. If you’d like to grow from seed, put a little compost soil in the space where you have separated the straw before placing the seed there. Do be aware that decomposition makes the bale hot! Wait for it to cool down before planting.

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A environment friendly and healthy way of gardening. Organic Gardening is away of gardening in harmony with nature. Growing a healthy and productive crop in a way that is healthier for both you and the environment. If you love this idea please share it with others.

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Balcony Gardening With Strawbales Here's How
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