10 Spadazling Ways to Reuse Old Milk Jugs « MacGyverisms

10 Spadazling Ways to Reuse Old Milk Jugs « MacGyverisms(macgyverisms.wonderhowto.com)
When it comes to milk, my family consumes anywhere between two and four gallons every two weeks. That’s about four to eight gallons every month. That’s a lot of milk—and a lot of empty milk jugs! Instead of simply tossing them in the recycling bin, why not get creative and make something useful out of them yourself? Plastic milk jugs can be upcycled into some very cool and useful items. Below are just ten ideas. Use them for inspiration and see what you come up with. Just make sure you start saving those polyethylene jugs! Pencil Holders One gallon milk jugs are perfectly shaped for holding
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